On the Ranch: Genetics

On the Ranch: Genetics

Welcome back to another exciting blog post from Toedtli Ranch!

It’s a beautiful spring day. Young calves everywhere and we are looking forward to nice weather in the upcoming months.

Today, we will be talking about the role genetics play in creating Red Angus we know today.

When it comes down to genetics are important for productivity and profits on the ranch. Genetics aid us in creating higher yielding cattle.

In many markets, like our own in it important to be selective in the breeding process and do the homework. Calculating the end result of a coming herd is important to building the future of the ranch and what the whole herd will eventually come out to be.

Creating traits that will be sustainable and beneficial in the long run is the base for cattle genetics.

The use of EPD or Expected Progeny Differences is one of the fastest ways to make genetic improvement through the cattle.

EPDs start from the concept of Economically Relevant Traits or ERTs. This has certain tools that make for selection of traits that lead to profit.

Red Angus are the only major breed to have the built-in advantage of being calculated for over 2o years of group data. Using EPDs has helped ranchers to tak out the guesswork and be more selective for bulls.

EPDs are a huge advantage to choosing weights of your cattle. There are some l factors that will get in the way of this accuracy like environment, nutrition and management.

For the most part these genetic predictions make up the majority of Red Angus breeds.

There are selection possibilities for

  • Growth
  • Milk
  • Carcass

Absolute performance is not necessarily predictable 


Relative performance is! 


Because of rainfall, temperature, feed etc. you can only predict so much

A total, complete accuracy is 1.0. EPD Red Angus sires have accuracies close to 0.9 some even .99 

There are many factors that are used for stay-ability and profitability to increase females that will deliver the best possible outcomes.

For more information about the complexities of dealign with genetics, EPDs and ERTs visit:

red angus.org 

Overall, Toedtli Ranch does it’s best to put thought into our breeding decisions. Sometimes it takes days of work, money and thought to choose what is best for our future. Genetics play a huge part in how we operate at the Ranch.

In the end it is all worth it to get the best herd for the Toedtli Ranch