On the Ranch: Red Angus

On the Ranch: Red Angus

Hello! Today marks the first blog post in a series of informative posts about ranch life. Today we will be looking into Toedtli Ranch’s current breed of cattle, Red Angus.


The origins of Red Angus start somewhere in Europe with a small, dun-colored breed. The breed was then brought over by Vikings to England and Scotland. In the 18th century the black Scottish cattle were not heavy enough to provide sufficiently large oxen. The red color then comes from the English longhorns when they were brought in and crossed with the native black breed. When this happened black was the dominate color in the breed with red being the recessive. Overtime, with inbreeding 1 in 4 calves were red in color.

In the early development of the breed, it was fashionable for the calves to be born black therefore making the red the “off color.”  When the breed was brought to America and popularized in 1917 reds and other colors were not allowed to register. The bias inspired herd owners to choose the red calves to breed. In 1954, the Red Angus Association of America was established making it the first performance registry in the industry. “Because it has made the right choices over time, ignoring the short-term pressure of industry fads, the Red Angus breed has attained a high level of popularity in the commercial beef industry.”(Red Angus)


Red Angus are one of the most popular breeds in the United States and all over the world. The number of Red Angus has more than triples form the 1980’s through the 1990’s/ The number of red cattle registered is just about the same as the black strain.

The Red Angus is similar to the Aberdeen Angus, a medium size. They have red pigmented skin, when they are crossed they pass down a red coat.

“Red Angus females reach puberty at a young age, are highly fertile and are renowned for their longevity in the herd. Red Angus females have excellent milk production and have a strong maternal instinct.”

Typically, Red Angus are gentle in nature and are easy to work with. They have longevity and heterosis.

The carcass is highly desired, the meat being excellent quality because of the intra muscular marbling.


The Red Angus has been the primary breed at the Toedtli Ranch for nearly 30 years. We are a certified Red Angus Ranch. We were recognized with Outstanding CarcassAchievements on November 2, 2012 in Reno, Nevada at the 2012 Red Angus National Convention for Outstanding Achievements produced with Red Angus Genetics.






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