History of Toedtli Ranch

Toedtli Ranch has a lengthy history in the state of Colorado resulting in our current ranch in Stoneham, CO.
William Toedtli started building his first ranch after he left home at age 14 in 1914. He was a cattle trader who went from farm to farm on horseback and eventually in a truck.  He would buy cattle and horses from the farms and drive them to Denver to resell.


During WWI in the Derby, CO area farmers were forced to sell their bulls. William would buy them and then rent them to dairy farmers. With success he bought the first ranch which was a dairy farm during the remainder of the war and then a dude ranch in the 1940’s.  William Toedtli bought the land for the current Toedtli Ranch in 1959 after he sold the ranch in the flat-irons. (To see whats here now click here)


William’s youngest, John Toedtli, started running the ranch in the 1960’s and through the 70’s ran Black Angus Herford Cross Cattle. Toedtli Ranch was known for the quality of its “black baldy’s.” John bought out William in 1982 and began raising red angus in the mid-80’s.  Toedtli Ranch became a Certified Red Angus Ranch in the late 90’s.


In 2007, Craig Toedtli and Linda Shawcross began running the ranch.


A cow eating some grass


Today, Toedtli Ranch works hard everyday to produce the best we can and run a Top Dollar Angus qualified herd. We sell feeder steers and heifers,  breed and use open replacement heifers.


Toedtli Ranch strives to be at the forefront of Red Angus commercial breeding.

We provide to the market feeder cattle that perform at the top of the Red angus breed.


Toedtli Ranch also develops open and breed replacement heifers which will become cornerstones to any operation. With a focus on easy breeding, moderate  cow with great udders, disposition, and low input that will be productive for many years.


Doug Hatch

Has been with Toedtli Ranch for more than 20 years.
He is an integral part of the operation managing the feeding/nutritional
program as well as operations .


Josef Hatch

Graduated with a BA Ag Science
Joined  Toedtli Ranch after graduation  from CSU 3 Years ago.
Is integral part of Genetic selection. Since Joe has come
we have greatly increased and improved our over all total
herd genetics. With a focus on Carcass and Herd building genetics.

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